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Good Seeds Are Good For Ya!


It ain’t me. It is what this guy on the photo said to me.

From the Birds Photography series at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.


American Goldfinch in February


“I’ll be pure gold in the spring!” promised this little fella while visiting us in Winthrop.

He kept his word last year. Lets see how he does this year.

From the Birds Photography series at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.


February 23: Celebrating the Soldier's Day


Celebrating the old Day of the Army and Navy in the USSR…

Congrats to all who still does the celebrations.

It was a notable holiday on the calendars back in the old Soviet Union.

The Soviets didn’t have a Valentine’s Day but celebrated the March 8 (International Day of Women) and February 23 (Army and Navy Day that gradually became a Day of Men). So, little school boys were getting presents from their class girls on February 23 and little school  girls were receiving their flowers and gifts on March 8.

Just a matter of old tradition.

You didn’t really have to serve in the army to be able to celebrate the February 23. It gave the holiday a bigger vibe for sure.

On the cover photo, our engineering platoon is having a lovely dinner during the training military maneuvers in Borisoglebsk, Russia in 1984. I am that fella on the very right on the photo.

We were dead tired and the food was terrible… It was so bad that I still remember it.

But we were young and happy and eager to survive through those challenges and war games we had to play during the service days.


Rigert in Montreal (1976)


History in Color:

July 25, 1976, Montreal, Canada – David Rigert of Shakhty, Russia snatches 170kg in the 3rd attempt and sets an Olympic record in the 90kg weight class at the 1976 Summer Olympics.

In the end of that night, David Rigert won the 1976 Olympics title with 382.5kg total (170 +212.5).


1976 Summer Olympics
Location: Montreal, CAN
Weight Class: Middle Heavyweight  [90 kg]</p>

More Info On 1976 Summer Olympics

Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 David RIGERT, Soviet Union 170OR+ 212.5OR = 382.5OR
2 Lee JAMES, United States 165+ 197.5 = 362.5
3 Atanas SHOPOV, Bulgaria 155+ 205 = 360
4 Gyorgy REHUS , Hungary 157.5+ 192.5 = 350
5 Peter PETZOLD, East Germany 152.5+ 192.5 = 345
6 Alberto Fernandez BLANCO, Cuba 152.5+ 192.5 = 345
7 Yvon COUSSIN, France 152.5+ 180 = 332.5
8 Gudmundur SIGURDSSON, Iceland 145+ 187.5 = 332.5
9 Garry LANGFORD , Great Britain 147.5+ 180 = 327.5
10 Jean-Pierre VAN LERBERGHE, Belgium 150+ 177.5 = 327.5
11 Brian MARSDEN , New Zealand 137.5+ 185 = 322.5
12 Rudolf HILL, Austria 140+ 180 = 320
13 Kenneth Ken PRICE, Great Britain 137.5+ 170 = 307.5
900 Nicolaos ILIADIS, Greece 155+ 0 = 0
900 Rolf LARSEN, Norway 140+ 0 = 0
900 Sergey POLTORATSKI, Soviet Union 0+ 0 = 0
900 Michel BROILLET, Switzerland 165+ 0 = 0
900 Jaakko KAILAJARVI, Finland 145+ 0 = 0
966 Philip GRIPPALDI, United States 150+ 205 = 355

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History in Color:

One of the top Soviet super heavyweights of the 1970s, Aslanbek Yenaldiev (right) and his coach Viktor Dorokhin are enjoying a photo session moment in the weightlifting gym in Shakhty, Russia.

The weightlifting school in Shakhty was world famous for its Olympic champions and world class athletes.

David Rigert, Vasily Alexeev, Nikolay Kolesnikov, Alexey Vakhonin, Aslanbek Yenaldiev, Gennady Bessonov, Viktor Tregubov and many more were graduates of the Shakhty Weightlifting.

Rudolf Plyukfelder and Viktor Dorokhin were the key coaches associated with  the famous school in the southern Russia.


Eternal Record in 1972


History in Color:

World records holder, vice champion of the USSR, Alexamder Kolodkov (1947-2014) of Alma Ata, Kazakhstan was a superb presser of his time.

Kolodkov authored an “eternal” world record when he pressed 166.5kg in the middleweight class in 1972.

The press lift was eliminated from Olympic weightlifting competitions in 1972.




The History in Color series features legendary Polish lightweight Waldemar Baszanowski competing at his last Summer Olympics.

By all means, Waldemar Baszanowski was a true legend of Olympic weightlifting. He was a 2x Olympic champion and 4x Olympian.


What was the last Summer Olympics that Waldemar Baszanowski competed at?

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Viktor Andreev


History in Color:

World records holder and national champion, Victor Andreev (1936-2000) was one of the lead Soviet super heavyweights of the 1960s.

In 1967, he reached 547.5kg in total at the 136kg bodyweight and it was the 3rd total in the world – behind Yury Vlasov (580) and Leonid Zhabotinsky (572.5kg).

February Delicious


It warmed up. The snow is almost gone.

It’s sunny.

The food is totally delicious.

What else do you need to be happy?


Early Springtime Songs In Town


The goldfinches fellas had a good time in the backyard this morning…

The spring is coming!

From the Birds Photography series at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.


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