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Peter Baczako (Hungary) in Moscow, 1975

History in Color:

September 20, 1975, Moscow, Russia – 24-year old Peter Baczako of Hungary snatches 157.5kg in the 82.5kg weight class at the 1975 World Championships in Moscow.

Peter Baczako won the 5th place at the World Championships in Moscow in 1975.

Five years later, he came to Moscow again and won his big Olympic title in the middle heavyweight at the 1980 Summer Olympics.


History in Color:

March 18, 1974, Yerevan, Armenia –26-year old light heavyweight Vladimir Ryzhenkov of Moscow, Russia receives a gold medal for winning in the 82.5kg weight class at the 1974 Friendship Cup in Yerevan.

The top award is being given by legendary Oscar State, IWF Secretary General (Great Britain, 1960-1974).

At the 1974 Friendship Cup, Ryzhenkov set 3 new world records in the light heavyweight class. He snatched 162.5kg, clean-and-jerked 202kg and finished with a 360kg total.

In 1973 and 1974, Vladimir Ryzhenkov was magnificent. He was brilliant and unstoppable.

Overall, within these two years he broke 12 world recorda – 6 in snatch, 3 in cj and 3 in total. He won both USSR championships, 1973 World Championships in Havana and, while going for the world record in the snatch lift in his 4th attempt at the 1974 Worlds in Manila, he received a career ending elbow injury. He never lifted again on the top level.

May 19, 2019 – Great Swedish Champion Arvid Andersson (1919-2011) would have turned 100.

Happy Birthday to the legendary champion!

Olof Arvid Andersson (1919-2011) happens to be the most successful Swedish Olympic weightlifter of the 20th century.

Andersson was a two-time Olympian and represented Sweden at the Summer Olympics in London (1948) and in Helsinki (1952).

On October 18, 1946, Arvid Andersson won the featherweight title at the World Championship in Paris. It was the first and, so far, the last gold medal won by Swedish athletes in Olympic weightlifting. 27-year old Arvid Andersson won the gold with the world record in total (320kg).

In addition his outstanding performance in Paris, Arvid Andersson also won the bronze medal at the 1949 World championship ans twice became a European champion (1947, 1949)

History in Color:

September 1, 1981, Podolsk, Russia – With two weeks left to the opening of the 1981 World Championships in Lille, France, legendary light heavyweight Yurik Vardanyan of Leninakan (Gyumry), Armenia is training with the Team USSR weightlifting in Podolsk, Russia.

Just a year ago, Vardanyan became an Olympic champion with 5 world records in the 82.5kg weight class at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Now, it was a new challenge to come – the 1981 World Championships.

History in Color:

On September 10, 1960, legendary heavyweight Yury Vlasov of Team USSR became an Olympic champion in the 90+kg class in Rome, Italy.

The black-and-white original for this History in Color photo was dated as November 4, 1960.

In less than 2 months after his Olympic success in Rome, Yury Vlasov is “back in the saddle again” preparing for the new challenges and records.

Lazar Baroga (Romania): Tokyo, 1964

History in Color:

October 16, 1964, Tokyo, Japan – 27-year old middle heavyweight Lazar Baroga of Sibiu, Romania competes in the 90kg weight class at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Lazar Baroga (1937-2000) was one of the top contenders in the middle heavyweight class in the 1960s. Baroga was a 2x Olympian and competed for his country at two Summer Olympica – in Rome in 1960 and in Tokyo in 1964. In Tokyo (shown on the cover History in Color photo) Baroga finished on the 5th place and clean-and-jerked the second highest weight (180kg).

Lazar Baroga was a milestone athlete in the history of Romanian weightlifting. At the 1960 European Championships in Milan, he won a bronze medal in the 90kg class and it was the first ever medal won by Romanian weightlifters at the European and World championships.

Balas Fitzi (Romania): Leningrad, 1968

History in Color:

June 20, 1958, Leningrad, USSR – 34-year old lightweight Balas Fitzi of Cluj, Romania performs a press lift in the 67.5kg weight class at the 1968 European Championships at the Winter Stadium in Leningrad

Balas Fitzi (born in 1944) was one of the best Romanian weightlifters in the 1960s. He was a 2x Olympian and competed for his country at two Summer Olympica – in Rome in 1960 and in Tokyo in 1964.

Fitzi mostly competed in the bantam and featherweight classes. On the international level, besides competing at the Summer Olympics, he became a European vice champion in the 60kg class at the 1964 European Championships and won a silver medal at the 1963 Prize of Moscow international tournaments.

Dzhamal Panakhov Is 65 Today!

May 15, 2019 – Legendary sub heavyweight, world record holder Dzhamal Pahakhov of USSR, Kazakhstan turned 65 today.

Happy Birthday, Champion!

We already featured several photos of Dzhamal Panakhov in the History in Color series. including his amazing world record in the clean-and-jerk on November 16, 1977 in Simferopol, USSR when he finished the tournament with the 380kg total (160+220).

Dzhamal is listed in the top 500 athletes of all times and nations. On many occasions, he was on the annual Top 10 listings in the 1970s. He competed for the club of Dynamo, Kokchetav in Kazakhstan.

After retiring from active lifting, Dzhamal Panakhov worked as a coach in his Dynamo Kokchetav club and prepared many Olympic medalists and national and international level weightlifters. He is still consulting the club and shares the champion’s wisdom with the new generations of athletes.

Arpad Nemessanyi (Hungary) Turns 75

May 15, 2019 – Happy 75th Birthday to Arpad Nemessanyi of Team Hungary!

Arpad Nemessanyi (b. 1944) was one of the distinguished athletes from the famous Hungarian “magnificent seven” group that brought Hungary to the top level in the weightlifting world in the 1960s.

He was a 2x Olympian and represented his country at the Summer Olympics in 1964 and 1968. In both tournaments Nemessanyi took the 6th place in the middle heavyweight class.

Arpad Nemessanyi was a European vice champion (1964) and was known as one of the first to use a non-split style jerk in the competitions.

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