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Alberto Blanco (Cuba)


History in Color:

March 16 1978, Moscow, Russia – Alberto Fernandez Blanco of Team Cuba performs a clean-and-jerk lift in the 100kg class at the 1978 Friendship Cup in Moscow.

Alberto Fernandez Blanco (b. 1950) was one of the best world class Cuban Olympic weightlifters of the 20th century.

Blanco was a 2x Olympian and competed for Cuba at the Summer Olympics in 1976 and 1980. He took the 6th place in the 90kg class in Montreal and won a bronze Olympic medal in the 100kg class in Moscow.

Besides his bronze medal at the 1980 Olympics, Alberto Blanco won 3 bronze medals at the World Championships (1977, 1979, 1978) and a silver medal at the 1975 Pan American Games.

In 1980, Blanco won the 1979 Pan American Games.

As for the cover photo, Alberto Blanco lifted a 365kg (162.5+202.5) total and it was the 4th result in the sub heavyweight at the 1978 Friendship Cup in Moscow.

Bernie C. Stole the 2018 World Cup


I think Bernie C. stole the 2018 World Cup…

Of course, he denies that.

Muscle Beach CCCP Style (1950)


History in Color:

Candidates to the Team USSR Weightlifting are having a good time on the beach resort at the Black Sea in 1950:

Left to right:

Khaim Kanukashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia), Alexey Medvedev (Moscow, Russia), Rafael Chimishkyan (Tbilisi, Georgia)


History in Color:

Super stars of Team Hungary Weightlifting of the 1960s are enjoying a day off during a tournament in Moscow (left to right):

Mihaly Huszka (67.5), Gyozo Veres (82.5kg), Imre Foldi (60kg), Andras Orvos (coach), Geza Toth (82.5kg)



History in Color:

August 1, 1991, Donaueschingen, Germany – Ibragim Samadov of Team CCCP lifts 205kg in his last clean-and-jerk attempt and becomes a World champion in the 82.5kg class at the 1991 World Championships in Donaueschingen.

In many ways, it was a historical milestone performance.

On the one hand, Samadov became the first Chechen World champion. On the other hand, he became the last Soviet light heavyweight to win the World title!

Another Special Note:

On July 18, 2018, Ibragim Samadov celebrates his 50th Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Champion!

Trendafil Stoychev (Bulgaria)


History in Color:

September 20, 1975, Moscow, Russia – Young light heavyweight star Trendafil Stoychev of Team Bulgariagoes for a 202.5kg clean-and-jerk in the 82.5kg class at the 1975 World Championship in Moscow. Both Tredafil Stoychev and Valery Shary of Team CCCP finished the tournament with 357.5kg in total. Shary’s bodyweight was lighter and he received the gold medal in 1975.


Today, on July 18, 2018, Trendafil Stoychev turns 65!

Happy Birthday to Trendafil Stoychev, one of the greatest lifters in the history of Olympic weightlifting!


Vasily Kolotov (CCCP)


History in Color:

March 20, 1970, Minsk, Belarus – Vasily Kolotov of Pervoyralsk, Russia competes in the 90kg class at the 1970 Friendship Cup in Minsk.

Vasily Kolotov (1944-2001) was one of the most impressive Soviet middle heavyweights in the 1970s. He won a gold medal at the 1970 World Championships in Columbus and two silver medals at the World Championships in Lima (1971) and in Havana (1973). He also became a vice European champion in Szombathely in 1970.

Kolotov is a member of club 500 with his best 552.5kg total in July 1972.

39 Kolotov, Vasily 552.5 1944 URS 89.9 183 160 210 Riga, URS 1972.07.13

On national level, Kolotov was a 3x USSR champion (1969, 1970, 1971), a silver USSR medalist (1973) and a bronze USSR medalist (1974). In 1971, Vasily Kolotov became a middle heavyweight champion of the USSR Spartakiade.

He set 9 world records (2 in snatch, 3 in cj and 4 in total) during his career in sports.

Free Ride in Paris (1950)


History in Color:

October 13, 1950, Paris, France – Head Coach of Team Egypt Mukhtar Khussein holds the winners of the featherweight competitions at the 1950 World Championships in Paris. Makhmoud Fayad of Egypt received a gold medal for his win in the 60kg class. Yevgeny Lopatin of the Soviet Union received a silver medal and a free ride from the Egyptian coach.

1950 World Championship
Location: Paris, FRA
Weight Class: Featherweight  [60 kg]</p>

More Info On 1950 World Championship

Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 Mahmoud FAYAD,  Egypt 92.5+102.5+132.5 = 327.5
2 Eugene LOPATIN,  Soviet Union 92.5+100+125 = 317.5
3 Julian CREUS,  Great Britain 87.5+95+122.5 = 305

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History in Color:

July 20, 1971, Moscow, Russia – One of all times and all nations best Olympic presser Grigory Novak presents national medals to the champions in the press program in the middleweight class at the 1971 Spartakiade and USSR Championships in Moscow:

A.Savitsky (gold), A.Kolodkov (silver), A.Kanygin (bronze)


Frank Spellman (USA)


History in Color:

August 10, 1948, London, UK – Middleweight Frank Spellman of Team USA wins a gold Olympic medal in the 75kg weightclass at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London.

Frank Spellman (1922-1017) competed for the Team USA Weightlifting in the late 1940s.

As shown on the History in Color cover photo, Frank Spellman won the Olympic gold in London 1948 in the middleweight class.In London, Spellman had had a perfect 9 for 9 score and set an Olympic record in total of 390kg.

As a member of the American national team, he also won bronze medal at the 1946 World Championship in Paris and silver medal at the 1947 World Championship in Philadelphia. Spellman has been inducted  to the United States Weightlifting Hall of Fame, to the Helms Hall of Fame and into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Complete profile of Frank Spellman in Olympic weightlifting is available at the Lift up.

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