chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Архитектурное вдохновение

Собрание фотографий прекрасной архитектуры интерьера и экстерьера.


Golden ceiling of Budapest Parliament by jackfre2


Balcony Harmony by roevin

Void of silence by Mindcage

Caracole by Giulio Ercolani

Lost in lines by Semir

St. Peter’s Basilica by jborowski_photo

Swirling at an angle by wonder_lick

86 Down Below by NazZmedia-Photography

Vortex by stefano longhi

Taj Mahal by sensorfleck

SOH Sails by Susie Knudsen

Way Up by christian_wind

“Vers une architecture” Towards an architecture by * galaad *

Cloisters at Durham Cathedral by Coiled_Pasta

Escaleras Helicoidales Spiral staircase by SoWhat -

Esplanade Singapore by Jusup Sukatendel

Architecture in Rotterdam by Dennis Veldman

Soaring buildings by Sebastian Trandafir

Aussie Architecture by ‘ Toshio ‘

Cathedral of Stairs by shutterBRI

Ceiling of Budapest by kimbar

Octagonal Chapter House of York Minster by KCLam

City of the Arts and the Sciences of Valencia, Spain by mhdezhdez

Arrow Heads of Esplanade Singapore by Guang Ye

El trono episcopal by SoWhat -

Let’s dance by Myxi

Alien architecture by Austrittswunde

ljusterapi by Dezeen

Observer by Kamuro

Perforated Roof by roevin

Symmetrical watercube by toomanytribbles

Underground Starship by roevin

It’s a long way up by nicksflix

Hyatt Lobby, Atlanta by scilit

Space architecture by Carsten Velten

Musical Architecture by Mauro Mendula

Architectural Contrasts by Alexandra Baltog

Tags: Дизайн, Обзор, Фотография

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