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Vladimir Pushkarev (USSR)


History in Color:

October 14, 1950, Paris, France – Soviet middleweight Vladimir Pushkarev of Moscow, Russia, competes in the 75kg class at the 1950 World Championships in Paris.

Pushkarev finished the competition with the bronze medal of the 1950 World Championship and the gold of the 1950 European Championship.

Vladimir Pishkarev (1921-1994) was one of the top Soviet contenders in the middle weight the from the late 1940s to mid 1950s.

He was a 4x USSR champion I1949, 1951, 1952, 1954), 4x USSR vice champion (1946, 1948, 1950) and a bronze medalist in 1953. He was a national record holder in the cj lift.

After retirement from competing as an athlete, Vladimir Pushkarev switched to the coaching career and had a very impressive success as a head coach of the Dynamo club in Moscow. He prepared such world class champions and record holders as Vladimir Ryzhenkov, Yury Kozin, Valery Yakubovsky and many more.

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