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Stanislav Batshchev Joins Club 600

History in Color:

March14, 1971, Rostov, Russia – Super heavyweight Stanislav Batishchev of Donetsk, Ukraine reaches 600kg total in the 110kg class at the 1971 Friendship Cup in Rostov.

After this tournament, Batishchev joined the exclusive Club 600.

Only five athletes were able to join the Club 600 based on their participation in the official Olympic weightlifting competitions. Here is the list of athletes in the Club 600:

Club 600

Athlete Nat. Class Total Date, Tournament
1. Vasily ALEXEEV Superheavy 645KG (235+172.5+237.5) 1972, USSR Nationals, Tallinn, USSR
2. Ken PATERA Superheavy 632.5KG (229+175+229) 1972, Olympic Tune-Up, San Francisco, USA
3. Rudolf MANG Superheavy 630KG (230+177.5+222.5) 1972, European Championship, Constanta, Romania
4. Serge REDING Superheavy 620KG (220+175+225) 1972, International Tournament, Lille, France
5. Stanislav BATISHCHEV Superheavy 620KG (220+175+225) 1972, USSR Nationals, Tallinn, USSR


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