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Sulev Tarros (Estonia, USSR)

History in Color:

May 16, 1983, Moscow, Russia – Sulev Tarros of Tartu, Estonia competes in the 100kg class at the 1983 USSR Spartakiade and Championships in Moscow.

Sulev Tarros (b. 1956) was one of the strongest athletes of Estonia in the 1980s.

His first coach was Helmes Harry Lemberg. During his service in the Soviet Army, Sulev Tarros was trained by well-known coach Pavel Zubrilin in Minsk, Belarus. After returning back to Tartu, Sulev was trainrd by Arne Heinleu.

Sulev Tarros was a 6x champion of Estonia (1981-1986). He won the USSR Championships in clean-and-jerk in the 100kg class at the 1984 USSR Cup in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. His personal best 417.5 (185+232.5) was also achieved at the USSR Cup in Zaporozhye on December 15, 1984.



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