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Valentin Mikhailov (USSR)

History in Color:

March 17, 1973, Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Soviet middleweight Valentin Mikhailov of Voroshilovgrad, Ukraine competes in the clean-and-jerk in the 75kg class at the 1973 Friendship Cup in Tashkent.

Valentin Mikhailov (b. 1941) competed in the middleweight for the Avangard club of Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk), Ukraine. On the national level, he won the USSR Championships in 1973 and 1975, the 1975 USSR Spartakiade and the USSR Cup in 1972. Mikhailov also won the USSR Championships in snatch (1973) and clean-and-jerk (1972). He was a 2x champion of Ukraine (1970, 1971).

He competed for Team USSR at the 1973 World Championships in Havana, Cuba and took the 4th place.

At the 1973 European Championships in Madrid, Mikhailov won a bronze medal behind two Bulgarian middleweight superstars Nedelcho Kolev (gold) and Yordan Bikov (silver).

Valentin Mikhailov is a World record holder (in total). He also set 11 records of Ukraine.

After retiring as an athlete, Valentin Mikhailov launched an impressive coaching career which included working with the national Team USSR.



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