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Victor Andreev (USSR): World Record in Press

History in Color:

April 28, 1965, Alushta, Russia – 29-year old super heavyweight Victor Andreev of Cheboksary, Russia is preparing to set a new world record in press (198kg).

World records holder and national champion, Victor Andreev (1936-2000) was one of the lead Soviet super heavyweights of the 1960s.

Andreev competed in the super heavyweight class for the Avangard club of Lugansk and the Trud club of Cheboksary.

He won the USSR Championships in 1966 and was a vice champion in 1966 and 1965.

Victor Andreev set 2 world records in the press lift and one of them is shown on the cover photo.

In 1967, he reached 547.5kg (190+152.5+205) in total at the 138.9kg bodyweight. It was the 3rd total in the world – behind Yury Vlasov (580) and Leonid Zhabotinsky (572.5kg).

In 1968, the doctors recommended Andreev to stop competing because of the heart problems. He died of a heart attack in 2000.



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