chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

1981 Team USSR Weightlifting: Ready For Lille, France

History in Color:

September 1981, Moscow, Russia – Team USSR Weightlifting is ready to depart for the 1981 World Championships in Lille, France (left to right):

Semyon Itkin (coach), Oleg Pisarevsky (coach), Yury Zakharevich (90kg, silver), Avset Absetov (67.5kg), Alexander Pervy (75kg, silver), Yurik Sarkisyan (60kg, bronze), Alexander Rykov (coach), Kanybek Osmonaliev (52kg, gold), Viktor Sots (100kg, gold), Nikolay Zakharov (56kg, bronze), Anatoly Pisarenko (110+kg, gold), Vyacheslav Klokov (110kg, silver), Yurik Vardanyan (82.5kg, gold), Petr Alaev (coach), Viktor Naumenkov (coach).


Information after the athletes’ name includes their weight class and place they took at the 1981 World Championships in Lille.


Tags: history in color, lift up, olympics, photography, ussr, weightlifting

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