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Grand Finale in Moscow (1971)

History in Color:

July 24, 1971, Moscow, Russia – The team winners of the 1971 USSR Spartakiade and USSR Championships  in Moscow are:

  1. Russia (represented by Vasily Alexeev)

  2. Ukraine (represented by Stanislav Batishchev)

  3. Moscow (represented by Valer Yakubovsky)

  4. Latvia (represented by Gennady Ivanchenko)

  5. Leningrad

  6. Georgia

The 1971 USSR Spartakiade and USSR Championships were held at the Red Army (CSKA) Weightlifting Arena in Moscow. There were 202 athletes competing in 9 weight classes.

1971 Spartakiade of the USSR
Official Part of the V SPARTAKIADE of the USSR
7/16/1971 – 7/24/1971
Host: Moscow, Russia</p>

Arena: CSKA Weightlifting Palace
Number of Athletes: 202
Main Referee: A. Bozhko Secretary: V. Konkin


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
52 Flyweight Adam GNATOV, Lokomotiv  Lvov 327.5
56 Bantamweight Gennady CHETIN, Zenit  Perm Region 375
60 Featherweight Dito SHANIDZE, Gn.  Tbilisi 390
67.5 Lightweight Mukharby KIRZHINOV, Army  Moscow 435
75 Middleweight Vladimir KANYGIN, Spartak  Blagoveshchensk 460
82.5 Light Heavyweight Gennady IVANCHENKO, Dynamo  Riga 500
90 Middle Heavyweight Vasily KOLOTOV, Trud  Pervouralsk 537.5
110 Heavyweight Yury KOZIN, Dynamo  Moscow 567.5
110+ Super Heavyweight Vasily ALEXEEV, Trud  Shakhty 640

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.

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