chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

В стиле ретро

Для тех, кто любит ретростилизацию, вот небольшая коллекция современных постеров сделанных в стиле ретро.

Star Wars Galaxy by Justin Van Genderen


Vintage Style Dark Knight Poster by Michael Myers

Vintage Style Captain America Poster by Michael Myers

Vintage Style Superman Poster by Michael Myers

Vintage Style Wonder Woman Poster by Michael Myers

Pantone Palette Cleansers (STEP 100) by Alex Cornell

Explore the Universe by Moustafa Khamis

Rock 77 by James White

Varo International Ltd. by James White

Star Wars by Jamie Bolton

The Little Mermaid by Eric Tan

Sleeping Beauty by Eric Tan

Russell by Eric Tan

Dug by Eric Tan

Lost by Eric Tan

MANIAC IDIOT by jergot+gotroch

SE7EN movie poster by rodolforever

SUPERMAN MOVIE art deco by rodolforever

ART DECO BATMAN by rodolforever

Defenders of our Nation poster by Nagymarci

Welcome to My Death poster by biku-no-kiba

Big Band Poster by trevhutch

Dracula by Tom Whalen

Wrestle Mania VI by Tom Whalen

Star Wars IV: A New Hope by Tom Whalen

Creature from the Black Lagoon by Tom Whalen

Star Wars by Hexagonall

Planet of the Apes by Hexagonall

Edward Scissorhands by Hexagonall

Dracula by Hexagonall



Tags: Дизайн, Обзор

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