chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

U.S. Weightlifters at Bob Hoffman's Swimming Pool in York, PA

The History in Color series features a color version of the group photo of American weightlifters taken at the swimming pool of Bob Hoffman in York, PA.

Estimated time of the black-and-white original is late 1940s (1947-1950), left to right:

Front row:

Harold Sakata, George Shandor, Emerick Ishikawa, Richard Tomita, Frank Spellman, x1;

Mid row:

Dave Sheppard, Joe Puleo (?), Gord Venables (?), Jim Bradford, x2, John Grimek, Bob Hoffman;

Top row:

x3, Norb Schemansky, x4, Richard Tom, x5, x6, Joe Pitman, John Terpak, Stan Stanczyk (?).

Note: Identification of the personalities is in the process. Please add corrections in the comments.


Tags: americana, history in color, lift up, olympics, photography, usa, weightlifting

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