chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Middle Heavyweights Intro at the Prize of Moscow (1961)

History in Color:

March 11, 1961, Moscow, Russia – Middle heavyweight athletes ate being introduced before the competition in the 90kg weight class at the 1961 Prize of Moscow invitational tournament in Moscow (left to right):

Federation official (…), Ireneusz Palinski (Poland), Louis Martin (Great Britain), … (USSR), Vasily Stepanov (USSR), Lazar Baroga (Romania), Vasily Pegov (USSR), Robert Sheierman (USSR), Vitaly Dvigun (USSR), , … (…), Vladimir Savov (Bulgaria), Klaus Dieter Gohring (East Germany).


Tags: bulgaria, history in color, lift up, moscow, olympics, ussr, weightlifting

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