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1951 USSR Weightlifting Champions in Kaunas

History in Color:

May 16, 1951, Kaunas, Lithuania –National champions in Olympic weightlifting are being announced at the closing ceremony of the 1951 USSR Championships held at the Sports Palace in Kaunas (left to right):

Ivan Udodov (56kg, Dynamo, Rostov, Russia), Rafael Chimishkyan (60kg, Dynamo, Tbilisi, Georgia), Vladimir Svetilko (67.5kg, Dynamo, Tbilisi, Georgia), Vladimir Pushkarev (75kg, Dynamo, Moscow, Russia), Arkady Vorobyev (82.5kg, Army, Sverdlovsk, Russia),  Yakov Kutsenko (90+kg, Lokomotiv, Kiev, Ukraine)

Note: Grigory Novak (90kg, Soviet Wings, Moscow, Russia) won the 90kg class and not shown in the lineup on the photo.

The 1951 USSR Championships was the 26th national competition in the country. It gathered 136 Olympic weightlifters from 13 USSR republics in 7 weight classes. The medalists for the teams’ competitions were

  1. Leningrad

  2. Russia

  3. Georgia

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