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Team Australia: Training in Edmonton (1978)

History in Color:

July 26, 1978, Edmonton, Canada – Australian athletes are training in the weightlifting hall in Edmonton before the beginning of the 1978 Commonwealth Games (left to right):

Charlie Quagliata (82.5kg, silver medal), Sam Castiglione (75kg, gold medal), Robert Kabbas (82.5kg, gold medal), Stephen Wyatt (110kg, silver medal )

Note: Sitting at the table is Eric Rogers (Canada 75kg).

The training photo is from the 1978 Commonwealth Games training hall. Behind me are team mates Charlie Quagliata (Silver 82.5kg), Sam Castiglione (Gold 75) and Stephen Wyatt (Silver 110kg) – Left to right. Sitting at the table is middleweight Eric Rogers of Team Canada.

Commonwealth Games since 19501978 Commonwealth Games
Location: Edmonton, CAN</p>


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
52 Flyweight Ekambaram KARUNAKARAN, India 205
56 Bantamweight Precious MCKENZIE, England 220
60 Featherweight Michael MERCIER, Canada 237.5
67.5 Lightweight Bill STELLIOS, Australia 272.5
75 Middleweight Sam CASTIGLIONE, Australia 300
82.5 Light Heavyweight Robert KABBAS, Australia 322.5
90 Middle Heavyweight Garry LANGFORD, England 335
100 Sub Heavyweight John BURNS, Wales 340
110 Heavyweight Russell PRIOR, Canada 347.5
110+ Super Heavyweight Jean-Marc CARDINAL, Canada 365

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.

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