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Vitaly Danilchenko: The First Soviet Junior World Champion

History in Color:

February 26, 1976, Rovno, Ukraine – Junior flyweight Vitaly Danilchenko of Mariupol (Zdanov), Ukraine performs a clean-and-jerk lift at the tournament in Rovno.

Vitaly Danilchenko (born in 1956) is a milestone athlete in the history of Soviet and World Olympic weightlifting.

He was the first Soviet athlete who managed to win the gold at the Junior World Championships. It happened in 1975 when an 18year-old flyweight Danilchenko won a gold medal in the 52kg class with a 205kg (90+115) total.

Since it was the first Junior World Championships tournament ever, besides being the first Soviet junior world champion, Vitaly was the first world champion overall. A year later, Vitaly Danilchenko represented Team USSR at the 1976 Junior World Championships and won a silver medal in the bantamweight class.

Here is the list of the 1975 Junior World Champions:

52 kg –     Danilchenko, Vitali, URS –  205kg

56 kg-      Dembonczyk, Tadeusz, POL – 240kg

60 kg –     Memish, Nasuf, BUL – 247.5kg

67.5 kg –  Taskov, Rumen, BUL – 287.5kg

75 kg –     Vardanyan, Yurik, URS – 325 kg

82.5 kg –  Belichovsky, Khristo, BUL – 330kg

90 kg –     Saidulaev, Adam, URS – 350kg

110kg –    Khristov, Valentin, BUL – 405kg

110+kg –  Skolimowski, Robert, POL  355kg

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