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Peter George (USA): Gold Medal in Stockholm, 1953

History in Color:

August 27, 1953, Stockholm, Sweden – Olympic champion Peter George of the United States competes in the snatch lifting in the 67.5kg weight class at the 1953 World Championships in Stockholm.

By the end of the competions, 24-year old Peter George won his 3rd World title with an amazing world record total of 370kg (105+115+150).

Needless to say, after 1947, Peter mostly competed in the middleweight (75kg) at the top international level including Summer Olympics in London (1948) and Helsinki (1952).

“As you know, Tommy Kono was lifting 165 (75kg) that year,” says Peter about the decision reduce weight to the 67.5kg in 1953. “The U.S. would be wasting a Gold Medal that year if we both lifted middleweight. I didn’t want pne of us settling for a Silver. – especially me.”

At the 1953 World Championships in Stockholm, both Peter George and Tommy Kono won gold medals in the 67.5kg and 75kg weight classes respectively.


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