chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Super Heavyweight Champions in Lima, 1971

History in Color:

September 26, 1971, Lima, Peru – The super heavyweights receive their medals in the 110kg class tournament at the 1971 World Championships in Lima (left to right):

Ivan Atanasov (Bulgaria, bronze medal, 532.5kg), Vasily Alexeev (USSR, gold medal, 635kg) and Ken Patera (USA, silver medal, 592.5kg)

During the competitions, Vasily Alexeev set three world records when he pressed 227.5kg and 230kg and then clean-and-jerked 235.5kg.

Belgian giant Serge Reding also came up with a world record in press (228kg) but failed in the cj lift to qualify for a medal in total.

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