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1922 World Champions in Tallinn, Estonia

History in color:

April 30, 1922, Tallinn, Estonia – Winners of the 1922 World Championships are lined up on the stage of the Estonia Theater (left to right):

Alfred NEULAND (Estonia, 60kg, gold medal), Saul HALLAP (Estonia, 75kg, gold medal), Heinrich GRAF (Switzerland, 67.5kg, gold medal), Roger FRANCOIS (France, 82.5kg, gold medal),  Harald TAMMER (Estonia, 82.5kg+, gold medal)

The 1922 World Championships brought in 33 participants from 4 countries. The athletes competed in 5 weight classes. The champions were determined by best total of 5 lifts (two-arm press,  one-arm snatch, one-arm clean-and-jerk, two-arm snatch, two-arm clean-and-jerk).

Final team results were the following:

  1. Estonia

  2. Latvia

  3. Switzerland

  4. France


Tags: history in color, lift up, olympics, photography, weightlifting

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