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This digitally enhanced historical photo of the Team CCCP Weightlifting features the athletes selected to represent the country at the 1979World Championship in Saloniki, Greece.

Top row (L-R): Igor Kudyukov (Head Coach), n/a, Kanybek Osmanaliev (52kg, Frunze), Gennady Bessonov (90kg, Shakhty), Nikolay Kolesnikov (60kg, Bugulma), Yury Nozdrin (team doctor), Gennady Baldin (massage therapist), Viktor Veretennikov (56kg, Volgograd)

Front row (L-R): Valery Kravchuk (100kg, Zheleznye Vody), Pavel Syrchin (100kg, Krasnokamsk), Yurik Vardanyan (82.5kg, Leninakan), Sergey Arakelov (110kg, Krasnodar), Sultan Rakhmanov (110+kg, Dnepropetrovsk), Alexander Voronin (52kg, Kemerovo)

Leonid Taranenko  also went to compete to Saloniki but wasn’t present in the photo session.

Team CCCP took the first place in the tournament.

Osmanaliev, Vardanyan, Bessonov, Syrchin, Arakelov and Rakhmanov won the World titles in their weight classes. Veretennikov won silver medal. Voronin and Taranenko won bronze medal.

Nevertheless, it was the last big tournament for Igor Kudykov. He was replaced by Alexander Prilepin as the Heas Coach CCCP in 1980.


World Championships from 1891 to Today

World Championships1979 World Championship
Location: Saloniki, GREGOLD MEDALISTS
Weight Class Name Total (kg)
52 Flyweight Kanybek OSMONALIEV, Soviet Union 105+137.5 = 242.5
56 Bantamweight Anton KODZHABASHEV, Bulgaria 117.5+150 = 267.5
60 Featherweight Marek SEWERYN, Poland 127.5+155 = 282.5
67.5 Lightweight Yanko RUSEV, Bulgaria 145+187.5 = 332.5
75 Middleweight Roberto URRUTIA, Cuba 155+190 = 345
82.5 Light Heavyweight Yurik VARDANYAN, Soviet Union 170+200 = 370
90 Middle Heavyweight Gennady BESSONOV, Soviet Union 170+210 = 380
100 Sub Heavyweight Pavel SYRCHIN, Soviet Union 167.5+217.5 = 385
110 Heavyweight Sergey ARAKELOV, Soviet Union 185+225 = 410
110+ Super Heavyweight Sultan RAKHMANOV, Soviet Union 192.5+237.5 = 430

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.


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