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Yakov Krinitsky Died at 90

November 30, 2020 – Outstanding Soviet and Ukrainian coach and top national weightlifting executive administrator Yakov Krinitsky has died at 90.

Yakov Krinitsky (1930-2020) of Kiev, Ukraine was a Chair of the Coaches’ Board of the Ukrainian Federation of Olympic Weightlifting in the USSR. As a personal coach, Yakov Krinitsky trained such distinguished champions and world records authors as Vladimir Belyaev and Valery Kuznichenko.

History in Color:

Legendary super heavyweight Anatoly Pisarenko and the head coach of Team Ukraine Yakov Krinitsky.

Krinitsky was also known a personal coach of such distinguished champions as Vladimir Belyaev and Valery Kuznichenko (seen in the background of the cover photo).

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