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Training Camp in Fergana, Uzbekistan

History in Color:

Team USSR Weightlifting (Head coach Alexander Prilepin, 1983) in the training camp in Fergana, Uzbekistan (left to right):

Front row:

Yurik Sarkisyan (60kg, Echmiadzin, Armenia), Yury Zakharevich (100kg, Dimitrovgrad, Russia);

Middle row:

Alexander Medoev (100kg, Tbilisi, Georgia), Yury Chernyshev (75kg. Ilovaysk, Ukraine), Vladimir Mikhalev (75kg, Minsk, Belarus), A. Lobachev (coach), Sergey Lee (Frunze, Kirgizia), Alexey Kolokoltsev (56kg, Kemerovo, Russia), Vladimir Lee (coach), Oxen Mirzoyan (56kg, Yerevan, Armenia), Bronislav Ryzhik (52kg, Zaporozhye, Ukraine), Amiran Chitatdze (75kg, Tbilisi, Georgia), Valentin Polonsky (52kg, Moscow, Russia), Kazaryan (?), Avset Avsetov (67.5kg, Moscow, Russia), Viktor Naumenkov (coach);

Top row:

Gennady Baldin (Team USSR massage therapist), Viktor Sots (100kg, Donetsk, Ukraine), S. Lelikov (USSR Sports Research Group), Alexander Pervy (82.5kg, Donetsk, Ukraine), Ivan Logvinovich (coach), Alexander Prilepin (Team USSR head coach), Vyacheslav Klokov (110kg, Moscow, Russia), Anatoly Pisarenko (110+kg, Kiev, Ukraine), V. Rudenko (?, coach), Leonid Taranenko (110+kg, Minsk, Belarus), Petr Alaev (coach), Ashot Vilasyan (coach), V. Kravchuk (110kg, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine), x (coach), Alexander Rykov (coach), Yury Nozdrin (Team USSR doctor), Yury Chimrov (110kg, Donetsk, Ukraine), Leonid Kaplun (110+kg, Mogilev, Belarus);



Tags: history in color, lift up, photography, ussr, weightlifting

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