chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Фотография в стиле "боке"

Абсолютно феерическая фотография, получающаяся в результате этой техники сьёмок.

Термин "боке" идёт из японского языка, в котором он означает разплывчатость и затуманенность. Сам по себе эффект - это результат частичой нефокусировки в кадре.

Выстраивая различные комбинации фокуса и линз, можно получить очень красивые эффекты с размерами и формами несфокусированных обьектов.


Bokeh II (By Alfredo11)

I’ll have some sancerre wine and an order of bokeh, please. (By Peanut Lauren)

Berry Bokeh (By Aspidistra)

Bokeh! (By Rachywhoo)

Bokeh (By When-seven)

Candy Cane and Bokeh (By Believer)

Fountain bokeh (By Liyen)

Rusting Bokeh (By KF)

Love With A Side Of Bokeh (By Pnkparis1233)

The Ace of Spades (By Aspidistra)

Rainy Bokeh (By Sunny)

Funyuns + Chucks + Bokeh = Geektastic (By Jueno)

Candy bokeh (By Tanakawho)

Cup-o-bokeh (By Fuzzirella)

Corkscrew in the bokeh (By Liyen)

That Bokeh in her Fingertips… (By Uvair)

Bokeh Sushi (By Japhy Riddle)

The Bokeh Whisperer (By Katbphotos)

Bokeh Watcher (By Jueno)

Autumn Leaf Bokeh (By Pisces Romance)

The bokehs are mine! (By Desiree Delgado)

Bucketful of Bokeh (By Shoosh)

Domo and The Bokeh (By Soldierofsolace)

Bokeh (By Ra3y-AD)

Merry Christmas Bokeh (By Clairecollyer)

Cup of Bokeh (By Pinkcherry06)

Velvet bokeh (By Savatey)

Bokeh Trampoline (By Nestr)

Web Bokeh (By Inertia09)

A bokeh play (By WorthyG)

Bokeh (By Light from Emirates)

Bokeh eye (By Ftourini)

Photographobia (By Tiago Ribeiro)

OMG! I missed the sledge of 2008 because of my mission! (By Moaan)

The Fingers of Summer (By Ryan Brenizer)

Bokeh-vision (By Aspidistra)

Day One Hundred Twelve (By Dustin Siaz)

2000/1713 (By June1777)

Kara Carlson (By Sara Kiesling)

Garden fireworks (By Mark-E)

Liquid Gold (By Sandy515)

Hollywood Starz (By Astig)

Suki’s Scarf (By Kaoni701)

2×1 Bokeh – Splash (By Faisal)

We’re so awesome, even our kisses are explosive! (By The half blood prince)

Sensitive space (By Futureancient)

Golden days (By Moaan)

Day 7: hidden lens cap (By LSG)

Have a Happy Bokeh-licious Week of Finals (By Monjori)

Welcome to Cafe Bokeh (By KKTP)

Happy Bokeh Wednesday my Friends! (By JannaPham)

Ellen in the Sky with Bokeh! (By Viviandang)

50 Special (By Ielle)

I wish I was special (By Irene Gr)

… ed è come perdere la testa per il vento! (By Tgphotographer into the wild)

Let’s Watch Together (By Andw)

Bubble Blizzard Bokeh (By hinthint)

Memories of Winter (By Glenn Waters)

40::365 Urchin & Bokeh (By Machel Spence)

Consolation prize (By Andy)



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