July 12th, 2015

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Gone To the Marshes


For the most of the upcoming weekend, I plan to spend a lot of time in the marshes doing birds’ photography.

Actually, I was spending my last few weekends making pictures of the birds and really enjoying it. Being a photographer is no new business for me. Making pictures of the birds is. Learning about the birds and getting used to their habits, moves, patterns and many other things involved in this.

So, I am dutifully doing photo sessions with these flying guys.

Then I review and select most decent shots and upload them to Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski. Hope someone enjoys them :-)

So… Gone to the marshes. Leave a message :-)

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Dark-Eyed Junco


Here is one of the new friends I made when I went to the marshes this weekend. At least, it his debut at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski in the Nature Photography section.

This is Dark-Eyed Junco and it’s not a male but a female. In the bird’s world males are more picturesque but he wasn’t around this time.

My little friend Junco refused to tell me where her mate was and, thanks to my background, sang me an Russian romance “Dark Eyes”… Dark-Eyed Junco, what did you expect :-)

The Dark-eyed Juncos are medium-sized sparrows with a rounded head, a short, stout bill and a fairly long, conspicuous tail. They hop around the bases of trees and shrubs in forests or venture out onto lawns looking for fallen seeds. You might see them “double-scratching” with both feet to expose seeds and insects.

Welcome to Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski, Ms. Junco!



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Territorial Dispute


Territorial dispute between two guys on the loan.

Somehow I thought that in the confrontation like this a European starling would win over a Mockingbird. I was wrong.

The mockingbird totally dominated in the argument and actually chased the starling out of the grass area.

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Desperate Housewife


It’s not a character from the reality TV show. It’s not even a housewife. Rather, “nestwife”.

It took me a while to identify this bird on these pictures.

This is a female Red-Winged Blackbird. We have plenty photos of these gorgeous birds but mostly males with their red epaulets.

Like many other cases in the birds’ world, female red-winged blackbird looks not even close to their male mates. They are subdued, streaky brown, almost like a large, dark sparrow.

To some extend, this is a debut of this bird at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.

Welcome aboard, Ms. Red-Winged Blackbird!




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Big Flight Of A Little Bird

This is a female House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus).

Sparrows are the toughest identification test for me. There are so many kinds of sparrows and it’s so easy to get confused.

I was studying the little bird in my viefinder, analyzing the bic, the wings, the tail, the belly, the eye brows…

– Are you done? – the little girl acknowledged my presence and took of in a beautiful flight to another safer location.

Big flight of a little bird!

spar-201 spar-202 spar-203

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The Great Egret Promenade In the Marshes












It was hot and humid in the marshes this weekend. While overlooking the marsh from the highlands, I spotted a Great Egret (Ardea Alba) on its promenade. Elegant egret was slowly stalking shallow wetlands looking for small fish.

It was far away, so I wasn’t able to get a decent close-up of the bird. Here is a small photo report about the Great Egret Promenade in the marshes.