October 19th, 2015

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Panorama Of Boston, May 2010

While looking at my recent photographs of Boston panorama with the Millennium Tower being built as part of it, I got curious and looked through my archive photos and publications at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.

Here is one of them.

Originally, it was published in Russian

Like  many other big cities in the U.S., Boston has an impressive skyline with its tall buildings.

For the most part panoramic views of Boston are made for tourists and visitors of the town.

Bostonians and those who work in Boston usually see the town from a different perspective. Tall buildings are seen differently from miles away and when you are on the ground next to them.

I’ve made this picture on one of the bright days in May 2010. Unfortunately, I could barely name half of the buildings on the photo. So, I did some home work and googled for the info on architecture of my town.

Below is a summary report of my little studies with markings naming the buildings.

Just in case you are wondering while seeing a picturesque panorama of Boston.

Original publication

(in Russian, May 2010)