November 23rd, 2015

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Happy Dove On A Good Weather Day


Haven’t done photo sessions with birds for a while.

Our local guys from the backyard requested to send their hello to all at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski from our home town.

No need to travel too far :-)

This is a photo of a mourning dove in our backyard.

Enjoy the rest of the fall!

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Champions And Records, 62KG Men


Second day of competitions for class A athletes in Houston, TX brought another set of world records. In the men’s 62KG weightclass, Lijun Chen broke world records in clean-and-jerk and total.

New featherweight champion from China cj’d 183KG and had a total of 333KG.

The record in clean-and-jerk previously was set by Maosheng Le in 2002, when Lijun Chen was only 9. It was beautiful and memorable when Lijun Chen held the new record weight of 183KG above his head in his last attempt at the 2015 World Championship in Houston, TX>

Oh well, records are always set to be broken and to bring more excitement for the fans of the “iron game”!



2015 World Championship

Location: Houston, USA
Weight Class: Featherweight  [62 kg]
Source: Lift Up

More Info On 2015 World Championship

Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 Lijun CHEN,  China 150+183 = 333
2 Un Guk KIM,  North Korea 151+177 = 328
3 Valentin KHRISTOV,  Azerbaijan 141+176 = 317