December 4th, 2015

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CV Case Study: Home Improvement Contractor Arbitration Qualification Tool

Replying to many many requests to publish articles about my IT projects and to share thoughts on web development and IT trends, here is one of my latest project case study

Title: Home Improvement Contractor Arbitration Qualification Tool

Client: Office of Consumer Affairs and

Business Regulation (Massachusetts)

Launch Date: August 2015

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3; SQL/ASP; jQuery


My contribution to the project included front-end and back-end development of a customized interactive application allowing public to determine if they are qualified for the Home Improvement Contractor Arbitration in Massachusetts.

The goal was to develop a rich media product that will optimize and streamline various scripts and conditions and guide public through the flow of the process in a user-friendly and interactive path.

The final product was an interactive widget that can be embedded on demand into a variety of online media outlets. By default, it was plugged on the main site of Office of the Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation at

For the demonstration purpose, the fully-functional widget was embedded into this article too.

So, take this tool for a test drive and enjoy the interaction!




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Shameless Selfie On the Canada Cup In Moscow

Absolutely shameless selfie of me in blur on the body of Canada Cup.

Taken in Moscow in December 2012.

Not all Canada Cup are in Toronto. This one is in Moscow.

Team USSR won Canada Cup in 1981 and the Alan Eagleson, “tsar of hockey” of that time,  handed the Cup to Russians. So, it stays in Moscow.

Just a flast from a three-year-old past! :-)

cc-1981-01 cc-1981-02