January 3rd, 2016

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Childhood Idol

Just some memories…

David Rigert was an idol of my childhood.

There was nothing special about me in this. I was an aspiring lifter and Rigert was a weighlifters’ weightlifter.

In our lockers of that time we had inspirational posters of two athletes – David Rigert and Arnold Schwartznegger. It was easy to tell about our lifting preferences.

Those who had Arnold’s picture were bodybuilders. Those with Rigerts’ photo in the locker were Olympic weightlifters. No doubts about specialization here.

I belonged to the second clan.

Just some memories…

This is just a memory tidbit. Rather emotional than educational.

To learn more about David Rigert, visit Lift Up.

Just some memories…

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Showbiz Retiree

OK. We are now in 2016.

New year means new projects and activities and some reflections on the past. Here goes a mini clip from 30 years ago.

Moscow 1986. Soviet broadcast TV features a young promising stand up comedian. 10 years afterwards, this comedian has retired from showbiz. Guess who it is?

Right, it is the author of Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski :-)

Can’t believe that it was almost 30 years ago… I had a few TV appearances before this show on the cover but it was probably the most memorable. The one you call the hit after which you “wake up famous in the morning”. It was super nice and  odd to see people asking for autographs and get these special invitations and gigs to places and events. The odd part was that I did stage comedy for almost 10 years before it but the television did its magic publicity :-)

Anyway, it was 30 years ago. Blast from the past. Almost like re-introduction of animated gifs to the web. Animated gifs were part of initial media for the web and later pushed aside by flash and video format technologies. Now, it is brought back by social networks. So is the retro footage with the showbiz retiree under the review :-)


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Vaclav Psenicka, Jr (1931-2015)


Sad news came from Prague, Czech Republic. Vaclav Psenicka, Jr, world class Olympic weightlifter,  died at 84.

Vaclav Psenicka jr. died (5.14.1931 Prague – 12. 31. 2015 Prague)

Vaclav Psenicka competed in the 75 kg and 82.5 kg’s for the Sokol Vinohrady, ATK Praha, Prague ÚDA, Prague and Spartak Prague clubs. He represented the national team  in the years 1950 – 1963. Psenicka won the national championship of Czechoslovakia 11 times  (1950-1960). In 1960, he was the first weightlifter to be awarded the title of Merited Master of Sports of Czechoslovakia. His best performance in the 90 kg class was 417.5 (135+122.5+161) in 1958. He was honored with the Best Weightlifter of  Czechoslovakia Award in 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959. Vaclav Psenicka was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Czech Union of Weightlifting. Along with his father Vaclav Psenicka, Sr., he  belongs to the all-time best Czech weightlifters. He competed in 9 European Championships with the best results in 1953 and 1955 when he won second place. At the world Championsips, he competed 7 times and took 4th place  in 1954, 1958 and 1959. At the Olympic Games, he took the 11th place in HK in the 75 kg class with the 350 kg total (100 + 107.5 + 142.5)  in 1952 (Helsinki) and  the 6th place in 82.5 kg class with the 400 kg total (125 + 120 + 155) in 1956 (Melbourne).

In honor of his memory.

Zemřel Václav Pšenička (*14. 5. 1931 Praha – †31. 12. 2015 Praha)

Dne 31. 12. 2015 zemřel ve věku 84 let Václav Pšenička. Startoval v HK do 75 kg a 82,5 kg v dresu Sokola Vinohrady, ATK Praha, ÚDA Praha a Spartaku Praha Stalingrad. Reprezentoval v letech 1950 – 1963. Stal se v nepřetržité řadě 11x mistrem ČSR (1950 – 1960). V roce 1960 mu byl udělen jako prvnímu vzpěrači u nás titul Zasloužilý mistr sportu. Nejlepší výkony v HK do 90 kg 417,5 (135, 122.5, 161) kolem roku 1958. V letech 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 nejlepší vzpěrač ČSR. Člen Síně slávy Českého svazu vzpírání. Spolu s otcem Václavem seniorem patří do naší absolutní historické špičky. Na ME startoval 9x s nejlepším výsledkem v letech 1953 a 1955, kdy obsadil 2. místa. Na MS startoval 7x s nejlepší umístěním v letech 1954, 1958 a 1959, kdy obsadil shodně 4. místa. Na OH v roce 1952 (Helsinky) obsadil 11. místo v HK do 75 kg za výkon 350 (100, 107,5, 142,5) a v roce 1956 (Melbourne) 6. místo v HK do 82,5 kg za výkon 400 (125, 120, 155).

Čest jeho památce.