February 13th, 2016

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Sweat Beak

Sweet tooth! That’s what they say about folk who like cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, candies…

If this is so, then this is a “sweet beak” case. Have you ever seen the ecstasy of European starlings eating peanut butter suet?

It’s quiet a view. The speed of suet disappearance is also amazing!

Sweet beak, it is!

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Have You Ever Gotten a Kiss From Kim Kardashian?


Have you ever gotten a flying kiss from Kim Kardashian?..

It’s cold in Boston.

I am standing outside our office building. It’s dark and cold. And there is this picture of a woman sending a flying kiss…

– Who is she? – I turn to a guy on a sidewalk.

– You don’t know? – the guy thinks I am joking. – This is Kim Kardashian.

Not bad.

To receive a flying kiss from someone on a cold Friday night is nice.

To receive a flying kiss from a celebrity lady makes your cold Friday night special.

It’s not that much that we need to feel happy on a Friday night!

Have you ever gotten a kiss from Kim Kardashian?

Happy Friday to all!

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend!

Ignore the cold. Enjoy the flying kisses!


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Eye To Eye With A Bird Of Prey


This is your eye to eye session with a predator…

Of course, he’s no Ted Bundy or Chikatilo.

He’s a Cooper’s Hawk Jr.

He is a bird of prey and he kills for a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

He preys woodpeckers, European starlings, doves, finches and all the guys we love to see visiting our backyard.

So, we were not happy to see this guy on our porch watching our backyard feeders in the afternoon.