February 20th, 2016

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Farewell To Strong Arms

Before 1972, Olympic weightlifting consisted of three types of lifts –  snatch, clean-and-jerk and press.

The press was discontinued in 1972 and it changed the outlook of a typical Olympic weightlifter. Dynamic athletes with great speed and flexibility took over the sport. The old time power lifters with big arms and huge biceps and triceps  began to fade into the past.

The all time record in Olympic press was set by legendary Vasily Alexeev. He pressed 236.5 kilos. 521 lbs!  Of course, it wasn’t a super strict military press but still it is absolutely unthinkable poundage!

The looping cover animation shows how Vasily Alexeev won the press lift at the 1972 Summer Olympics. He pressed 235 kilos. Infact he pressed more than he sj’d in 1972!

All together through his career,  Alexeev set 18 world records in the press lift. He managed to raise the world record from 210.5 kilos in 1970 to 236.5 kilos in 1972.




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They Are Back!


American Robins are back.

I saw the group of fellas with orange colored chests this afternoon in the Belle Isle Marches.

It’s been almost a year since I started to do birds photography and Robins were one of the first models for my shootings. The patiently observed me making baby steps in the field. Sometimes they laughed. sometimes they were getting to suspicious and left me with “no bird shot” in my camera.

It’s really great to see them again. I don’t know where they migrated to. The last time I saw them was last fall. The chirped to me:

“We’ll be back!”

It’s nice to see the birds of their chirp. The chirped that they will be back and here they are – back in Boston!