February 23rd, 2016

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Miracle On Ice Turns 36!


Miracles are ageless and exist forever!

Down to the stats and reference books, today is the 36th Anniversary since Team U.S.A. defeated the Soviet team at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

As it turned out after the end of the tournament, bunch of American students robbed the unbreakable “Red Machine” of the gold Olympic medals.

The event became one of the highest point in the U.S. history of sports.

The moment of national pride.

The game to remember.

The Miracle on Ice!

Today the Miracle on Ice turns 36!

Happy Anniversary to all!



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Helmut Balderis vs. Denis Potvin


Helmut Balderis played against the best blueliners at the 1979 Challenge Cup in February 1979 in NYC, New York.

It was the NHL All Stars weekend turned into the 1979 Challenge Cup tournament between Team USSR and the best NHL players of the world.

The fans of the NY Islanders and the gurus of the hockey history most definitely should have recognized the No. 5 of the Team NHL. Most definitely, it is one of all-time best defensemen Denis Potvin, 3-times Norris tropphy winner, 4-times Stanley Cup winner, covering the magical winger Helmut Balderis.

Just another blast from the past…

Balderisomania continues at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski

Special note:

The original photo reproduction is a courtesy of the WorldHockeyClassic.RU online collection.


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Four Years


Mama died four years ago.

No right words here. Everything seems fake and not true.

There is no public sorrow. It’s always personal.

Just sad thoughts and reflections.

And bright memories of the past.

There are things we can’t change.

They just live inside us.