February 27th, 2016

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Lazlo is a character featured in the 2010 calendar on the George Ulrich’s  bookshelf.

Lazlo always made me smile…

“OASSIS is down. Any thoughts?”

I hear George’s voice. I am thinking about the cause of why our OASSIS system might be down.

My eyes pan over the things around.  For whatever reason, I see the picture of Lazlo.

“Who is this guy?”

“This is Lazlo. Any ideas on OASSIS?”

The LDAP server has been changed overnight. That causes the login problems.

The picture of Lazlo is on my desk now.

George gave it to me. He knew that I liked this Lazlo character and gave it to me.

George died this Tuesday after a short battle with cancer.

Every time I look at Lazlo I think of my friend and colleague George Ulrich.

I miss you, George!

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Too Much Ado About Old Port


An old picture from archives in the attic.

The “Old Crimea” port wine. Alexey and I in Alushta. We are carrying a case of  port wine.

I wear a sailor’s shirt in front. There is a long line of “sailors” staying in line for the “Old Crimea”.

Long lines for “Old Crimea”.

Too much ado about good old peninsula, huh?