May 13th, 2016

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Bear In Mind: Brad Marchand Plays In Russia


For those who loves hockey, Boston Bruins, international superstars, Boston Bruins own Brad Marchand is now playing for Team Canada at the 2016 World Championship in Russia.

So, far Team Canada and finest Bruins rep Brad Marchand are doing well. They are playing preliminary games in Group A in St. Petersburg and won 4 in 4 games. They played  against USA, Hungary, Belarus and Germany.

Those who root for Brad Marchand, Boston Bruins, Boston, Boston Garden, North American hockey, join us in cheering Marchand in Russia.

Other than that, good luck to all @ 2016 IIHF World Championship in Russia!

Shaibu-Shaibu! Do Toho! Go Canada! Go USA! Heja heja!

Did I miss something?

Here is the latest tid bid from Russia for visual folks. Brad Marchand is playing in Canada vs. Germany on Thursday night in St. Petersburg.



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From Our Grackles To Yours


It’s a Grackles time in our area.

They are all over. Grackles are enjoying their time.

They are slightly bigger than the rest of the gang in our area. But they seem to prefer to stay their way without mixing with other species and fellas.

They remind me tall and clumsy introvert folks. They stay away from the others and seem to exist in some parallel world.

Sometimes they interact with the rest but it always look odd and weird.

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2016 Election: Follow-Up On Selfies

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Just a quick follow up on the “Selfies With Putin” angle of the 2016 Elections reviews.

The original review was taken back in November 2016 and there were so many candidates on the Republican side that the whole thing looks like it was a decade ago.

Obviously, Putin and Russian factor is not a priority on the agenda list of both parties candidates. Still, it’s one of them :-)

The intrigue of the election race is so close to the two main candidates. Super close!






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Adult Entertainment For Politically Correct Men


No need to pre-order the issues of this Workman magazine.

It’s not a sale pitch!

It’s just a hypothetical and politically correct alternative to the adult entertainment magazine.

Work vs. Play.

Man vs. Boy.

Workman vs. Playboy.

Adult Entertainment For Politically Correct Men.

It’s not really my area of expertise. Just thinking about the upcoming elections and the reason that Donald Trump got to where he is now despite what all the real political experts were saying before.

One of the things that distinctly differed Trump from his opponents is his political incorrectness. He alienated so many people and groups during his campaign that it makes me wonder how he manages to be so high in the polls.

Political correctness  just seems to be something that distincts Trump fro the others and something that alot of voters simple are tired of.

They might change their mind later. But, as of now, they are questioning political correctness as a way to lie and play games.

My take on political correctness is evolving. When I moved to the U.S., I really liked the idea of political correctness.

Back in Russia, it didn’t exist. It still doesn’t exist over there. It’s rather a weird phenomenon of Western societies that seems to be alien for Russian authorities. Especially, for current lineup of Kremlin decision makers.

As for me, I really like the idea behind political correctness. What I don’t like is that it is mostly used as a defense against lawsuits against you. People don’t want to be nice to the others. They don’t care. The don’t want to be sued. And this, in my opinion, defeats the positive and idealistic intention of political correctness.

Anyway, it might be boring to listen about political correctness pros and cons. So, take a look at a hypothetical adult entertainment magazine for politically correct men.

The Workman!