June 9th, 2016

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Kiss At the Foodmart


Ms. Finch (left) and Mr. Finch (right) share a moment of affection in our backyard this morning.

Both came to our bird feeders for a breakfast and had a great time sharing food between each other.

Spring time is over but love never stops!


close up

Gray Catbird


This lovely Gray Catbird volunteered for our photo session when he had a great time running along the fenced area in the woods of Woburn.

Little fella especially loved quick hops and runs over the red mulch section.

“Absolutely FUNtastic”, he told us at the photoshoot.

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Pittsburgh Pittsburgh: Schultz 2.0


Just a flash back from the 1970’s.

It’s a bit odd to see the “Hammer” not wearing the Flyers’ jersey but Dave Schultz did play two seasons in Pittsburgh (1977-78 and 1978-79).

It’s also a bit odd to see Justin Schultz not wearing the Oilers’ gear that he wore for 4 seasons prior to being traded from Edmonton to Pittsburgh for a third round pick in February 2016.

Anyway, Pittsburgh Pittsburgh: Schultz 2.0… Game 5 is coming! Are you ready for some action?