June 19th, 2016

close up

Chipping Sparrow


This is a Chipping Sparrow that joined the flock of jolly little fellas at the birdfeeder on our place.

See the bright rufous cap, the gray face, the white throat and eyebrow, the clear gray breast and the black stripe through eye? This is a fancy little chipping sparrow, ladies and gentlemen!


close up

Baby Finch


This is a little juvenile finch that his parents bring to us for baby sitting.

Every morning her mom and dad drop her off in our backyard and then pick her up in the evening. Once in a while they call her from the tree in the yard and baby finch answers them.

She’s happy to see  the world. A little bit slow reacting on happenings. She always smile when she’s not asleep.

“Happy Father’s Day to all care takers!” she chirped to us this morning.

Happy Father’s Day, indeed!

close up

Hunt For Mosquitoes


“Mosquitoes are brutal now!”

We are being warned by the DCR officer before we take off  for our trip in the Belle Isle Marshes.

A few birds are completing some acrobatic maneuvers in the air above our heads.

“Mosquitoes! Mosquitoes!  Mosquitoes! ” swallows overheard our conversation and chant the names of the insects we are getting ready to fight against.

It’s a show to see how barn swallows or swifts or tree swallows hunt for mosquitoes and other insects in the air.

I keep making fast pictures of tree swallows flying over the water and meadow and feeding on small, aerial insects that they catch in their mouths. They do these acrobatics fast and routinely. Photos are just a poor reflection of this spontaneous air show.