August 9th, 2016

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Golden Oscar


Oscar Figueroa of Colombia won the gold medal of the 2016 Olympics in the featherweight class.

This was the last competitions of Oscar. At 33 and after a very fine career in sports, he retires from lifting. Four years ago he won silver medal in London and, in his last entrance to the weightlifting platform, he won the drea medal for any weightlifter – the gold medal of the Olympics!

The silver and bronze medals went to Eko Yuli Irawan of Indonesia and Farkhat Kharki of Kazakhstan respectively. Both used only one successful lifts in the snatch and cj and that was enough to clear medals in the total.

One of the main contenders for the gold in this weight class, Chen Lijun of the Chinese weightlifting squad was out of competition with injury. He won the world title in 2013 and 2015. Him being out changed the whole dynamics in the competitions. The main battle was between Figueroa and Irawan, Columian lifter lifted 2in 3 in botht lifts and placed first with 318 KG in total. More at Lift Up.



2016 Summer Olympics
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BRA
Weight Class: Featherweight  [62 kg]</p>

More Info On 2016 Summer Olympics

Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 Oscar FIGUEROA, Colombia 142+ 176 = 318
2 Eko Yuli IRAWAN, Indonesia 135+ 170 = 312
3 Farkhad KHARKI, Kazakhstan 142+ 170 = 305
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New Milestones in the Men's 56KG Category


As we already wrote here, last night Qingtam Long of China won the gold Olympic medal in the 56 KG class in Rio.

Besides the quality and prestige of the highest medal in Olympic weightlifting, it was a fantastic milestone achievement for Long.

He managed to beat the oldest world record in total set by Halil Mutlu 16 years ago – 305 KG in Sydney 2000! Long lifted impressive 307 KG!

On the other hand, he stole the gold medal from Yun Chol Om himself. Om of North Korea hasn’t lost since  the 2012 Olympics in London where he won gold medal in this weight class.

Finally, he joined the 3x Bodyweight Lifters Club. The club consists of Olympic weightlifters who  have lifted three times

their own bodyweight.

Bravo, Qingtam Long!

Club 3x Body Weight Lifters


Who In the World Has Ever Lifted Three Times Their Body Weight?

Arthur Chidlovski (Lift Up, 2012)

Athlete Nat. Class CJ Lift Date, Location
1. Stefan Topurov Featherweight, 60KG 185.0KG 1984, Varna, Bulgaria
2. Neno TERZIYSKI Bantamweight, 56KG 171.0KG 1987, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia
3. Naim SULEYMANOGLU Featherweight, 60KG 190.0KG 1988, Seoul, South Korea
4. Angel GENCHEV Lightweight, 67.5KG 202.5KG 1988, Seoul, South Korea
5. Halil MUTLU Bantamweight, 56KG 168.0KG 2001, Trencin, Slovakia
6. Yun-Chol Om Bantamweight, 56KG 168.0KG 2012, London, United Kingdom
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Weightlifting Tournament of Eight Banned Athletes

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The weightlifting tournament for 8 Russian Olympic weightlifters banned from competing in Rio took place on Sunday, August 7, 2016 in Moscow, Russia.

There were no separate weight classes competitions. All contenteners lifted on the same day and on the same platform. The championship was declared by the best Sinclair coefficients.

Here are the results of the Tournament of Eight Banned Athletes.


  1. Tatyana Kashirina – 335.006 (143 + 180=323 KG)

  2. Tima Turieva – 326.484 (112 + 137 = 249 KG)

  3. Anasrasia Romanova – 308.321 (113 + 135 = 248 KG )

  4. Yana Kondrashova – 282.710 (100 + 125 = 225 KG).


  1. Adam Maligov – 462.990 (185 + 220 = 405 KG)

  2. Timur Naniev – 454.879 (194 + 225 = 419 KG)

  3. Artem Okulov – 446.555 (170 + 210 = 380 KG )

  4. Victor Getz – 427.060 (155 + 195 = 350 KG).

The winners were awarded $ 100,ooo roubles ($ 1,550).

The second place athletes – $ 70,000 roubles ($ 1,000).

The third place – $ 40,000 roubles ($ 620).

Unlike conversion of roubles to dollars, there is no proper formula to compare results shown in Moscow and Rio. All seemed to be taken out of contest. Even a world record in Moscow would have been a waste of noise and energy.

Just my opinion.

As for the video case in the cover footage, it has nothing to do with the Moscow Tournament of Eight Banned Athletes. It’s a sad reminder about fallen records, fallen athletes and fallen nations. Will Russia ever come back from this mess?



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World Record Performance in Women 63KG in Rio


Just look at this lineup of lifts in the Women’s 63KG weight class tonight in Rio

 Clean & Jerk 138 kg  DENG Wei China  OR
 Clean & Jerk 143 kg  CHOE Hyo Sim  North Korea  OR
 Clean & Jerk 147 kg  DENG Wei  China  OR  WR
 Total 253 kg  DENG Wei  China  OR
 Total 262 kg  DENG Wei  China  OR  WR

Those are the Olympic and world records set tonight in Rio!

Congrats to lady lifters!