August 13th, 2016

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Kiss From Brazil


What a day!

Hot and humid in Boston.

Hot and stressful deadlines at work.

And in the middle of this heat, humidity and stress, I got a kiss from Brrrrrrrazil!

Jaqueline sent it to me while competing at the Olympics in Rio!

Thank you, Ms. Jaqueline Antonia Ferreira.

Jaqueline is a very fine lady weightlifter and it’s a nice present for all!

She made my day :-)

Happy Friday!

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Love From Lydia Valentin Perez

Jaqueline sent me a kiss from Rio but that was not the end of pleasant surprises from 2016 Olympics.

Lydia Valentin Perez, gorgeous lady and a very fine lifter Lydia Valentin Perez from Spain sent me a kiss and then a love and a heart.

Kid me not! Look at the photo!

Lydia had a great day in the 75KG tournament. She won the bronze and was only 0ne kilo behind the silver medalist Daria Naumova from Belarus.

Congrats! Cheers and Happy Friday!


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Heavy Lifting by Light Heavies


In the lightheavy 85KG class in Rio, Kianoush Roustami of Iran won the tournament with the 396 KG total. It’s the new Olympic and world record.

Roustami broke his own world record that he set two months ago at the meet in Tehran. He also broke n Olympic record set by Tao Tian of China just a few minutes before in Rio. Tao won silver medal with 217KG in clean-and-kerk and 395KG in total.

History of Olympics for the most part remembers the champions and the records set. The drama of competition is often forgotten from the sports books.

To be fair, the battle for the title tonight deserves some thoughts. IMHO, the lineup of the athletes was pretty impressive and shaky performace of leaders throughout the night gave chances for other athletes to get to the medal stand.

Two Olympic records by Tao Tian were great  but he barely escaped from bombing out in Rio by having only 2 successful lifts out of 6.

In fact both were his last lifts in the snatch and in the cj. Tao is 22 and had a limited exposure in the top international tournaments. So, it’s fantastic to win silver medal at the Olympics but it was a shaky performance.There is alot to learn from this.

It made Chinese coaches nervous during the tournament for sure.

Rostami peaked in May in Teheran and lifted 4 out of 6 in Rio. He had a great night on the platform and made many Iranian fans in the hall proud for his achievements. He added 16KG to his total in London in 2012. At that time he was third. Now, he takes home a gold Olympic medal.

I really liked lifting performance of Gabriel Sincraian of Romania who won the bronze medal. Very fine technician and super explosive lifter, Sincraian had a blast tonight by lifting 6 out of 6 and repeating the Olympic record in clean-in-jerk.



2016 Summer Olympics
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BRA
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight  [85 kg]</p>

More Info On 2016 Summer Olympics

Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 Kianoush ROSTAMI, Iran 179+ 217 = 396
2 Tao TIAN, China 178+ 217 = 395
3 Gabriel SINCRAIAN, Romania 173+ 217 = 390
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Gold Medal For Rim Jong Sim


Rim Jong Sim of North Korea won the gold medal in the 75KG weight class for women.

Nowadays, we live in the time when we easily change our respect and appreciation of champions to ignoring of cheats and fakes late on. It’s just a part of sports today.

But medals aside, gutsy lifters, clutch athletes, the ones who lift despite pain and career ending injuries always have a special place in our hearts.

Rim Jong Sim is one of them. I am not sure if you saw her lifting at the WC 2015 in Houston TX. It is unforgettable.

Ms. Rim Jong Sim, I am your fan and congrats with the Olympic title tonight!

The video below shows 6 lifts in Houston last year. I am speechless.