August 21st, 2016

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Familiar Faces in Rio: Pyrros Dimas


Pyrros Dimas is helping Morgan King of Team USA during the competition in the W48KG class in Rio.

Pyrros Dimas of Greece is one of the most successful and decorated Olympic weightlifters on the planet. He won gold medals in 1992, 1996 and 2000. At his 4th Olympics in Athens in 2004, Pyrros won the bronze medal.

He recently joined the  U.S. Weightlifting. His experience and status should help to boost popularity of Olympic weightlifting in the USA and to improve the results of American athletes.

Who knows maybe luck and success of  Pyrros will rub into the U.S. Weightlifting.

In Rio, Morgan King took the 6th place. Dimas showed the whole world who the legendary champion is working for now.

Go Team USA!

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Familiar Faces in Rio: Yoshiyuki Miyake


Hiromi Miyake of Japan won a bronze medal in the W48KG class in Rio. She is an outstanding athlete and proudly represent legendary Myake’s family in Olympic weightlifting.

On the photo he is about to enter the competition platform in Riocentro. Her father and coach, Yoshiyuki Miyake is right next to her.

Yoshiyuke Miyake is a world champion and Olympic medalist in Mexico 1968. His older borther and Hiromi’s uncle is Yoshinobu Miyake who won Olympics in Tokyo 1964 and Mexico 1968.

On the photo, Yoshiyuki Miyake is preparing Hiromi for the lift.

Have you seen Hiromi Miyake lifting in Rio? It was a “no guts no glory” performance. She barely escaped elimination in the third attempt in snatch and had a solid first clean-and-jerk of 105KG. Then a no lift in the attempt 2 with a questionable decision of officials on elbow touching her leg in the clean. And in the 3rd attempt, she lifted 107 KG and got the 3rd place.

Congrats to Miyake’s dynasty!