September 4th, 2016

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Photo of a Photo


Barbara Bishop of Winthrop, MA is making a group photo of the Massachusetts DCR officers  in the Belle Isle Marsh area this morning.

There is always a huge amount of information to learn about the birds. I started to do baby steps in birds photography last year. My main sources of knowledge were books, magazines and various web sites.

This year, I joined bird watching groups in the field and now learning from the top notch experts like Sean, Matt and Jeff shown on the photo. For sure, it’s a great experience to be in the field with people who spent many years studying and watching the outdoor wild life.

Just a photo of the photo in progress :-)

close up

The Last Race of the 2016 Season at the Suffolk Downs


The three weekend long Season 2016 at the Suffolk Down racing track in East Boston is over.

The last race was won by Pedro Cotto Jr. on Maggiefreuddnslip.

The photo shows Pedro Cotto (#7) finishing first with Dyn Panell on Keiser’s Delight (#2) and Ricardo Chiappe on Terri’s Pass approaching the finish line today in the last race of the season.

The 2016 Season consisted of three special events live racing on July 9-10, August 6-7 and September 3-4.