September 23rd, 2016

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Remembering A Great Historical Hockey Rivalry


There is a big game tomorrow at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, huh?

Old rivalry, good old memories of a good old hockey.

Things are different now.

No more CCCP.

No more Iron Curtain.

Finally, no more Canada Cup.

It’s Russia now.

There are Russian franchise players in the NHL now.

And, yes. It’s the World Cup of Hockey now.

Russians are drinking Molson beer in Moscow and Canadians enjoy Stoli in Toronto.

It’s a different world now!

Besides the memories of a great historical hockey rivalry, it’s a good game to watch.

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Now and Then (1972-2016): Team Canada Leaders


The upcoming semifinal Canada vs. Russia brings back good hockey memories about the 1972 Summit Series.

44 years ago, the Canada vs. USSR 8-games series triggered a new development in the world hockey and new international tournaments with the best players in the world – from the 1972 Summit Series to the 1976 Canada Cup to the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Celebrating the 44th Anniversary  of the series, here is a quick look at the leaders of Team Canada in September 1972 and in September 2016- Phil Esposito and Sydney Crosby.

Happy celebration to all!


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Now and Then (1972-2016): Russian Coaches


Are you ready to celebrate the 44th Anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series?

Come on, party poopers, time to mark on your calendar the special month of September!

Here is a quick look of the head coaches of Team USSR in 1972 and Team Russia in 2016 – Vsevolod Borov and Oleg Znarok.

Interesting enough, they represent absolutely different approaches to the game.

Superstar athlete of the 1940s and 1950s, Bobrov was a follower of a slick players, great scoring, speed and passing.

Znarok’s hockey style is defense first, shoot the puck whenever you can, disciplined hockey schema… If anyone got inspired and learned from Team Canada play in 1972, it was Oleg Znarok for sure. As a player in Dynamo Riga, he was a grinder who played a very physical game. As a coach, he continues to build his training schema with the same idea – no nonsense defensive play.

Cheers! Happy 44!


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Now and Then (1972-2016): Hockey Athletics


The guys that played in 1972 were tough dude.

No helmets.

Players today wear helmets and masks and pay more attention to protection.

On the other hand, modern players are more complete athletes – they are faster, bigger and stronger.

On the left, Team Canada is stretching out prior to the 1972 Summit Series.

On the right, Team Russia players are stretching out before the game in Toronto at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Of course, there are more requirements in jockey than pure physicality.

Character, mindset, intelligence and big heart are a must to propel to the super stardom.