October 26th, 2016

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Line One Hockey CCCP


Boris Mikhailov (RW) – Vladimir Petrov (C) – Valery Kharlamov (LW)

Last time they played together was on February 24, 1980.

36 years ago!

Their first game was on December 6, 1968.

48 years ago!

Boris Mikhailov (#13) – Vladimir Petrov (#16) – Valery Kharlamov (#17)

To me, it was the best line ever.

Younger fans might disagree. They would probably pick the KLM line.

Older fans seldom express their opinion on the web.

They probably would go with the Loktev-Almetov-Alexandrov line. Maybe, Vikulov-Polupanov-Alexandrov.

To me, it was Petrov’s troyka.

Mikhailov – Petrov – Kharlamov

Here are some statistics to say wow.

Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 TOTAL
168 368 25 52 14 28 0 0 207 448 2.16

They played 207 games in 12 seasons for the national team CCCP.

Boris Mikhailov – Vladimir Petrov – Valery Kharlamov

Time flies.

Memory sometimes fail.

Stats are carved in stone  in the history books.

Old memorabilia like these vintage porcelain figurines sometimes pop-up on eBay or other auctions.

Video clips are streaming via hundreds of YouTube accounts.

Discussion on who was the best line ever never ends.

We remember them.

In my history book, they were the best.

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CV Case Study: Consumer Money Matters

Title: Consumer Money Matters Portal

Client: Division of Banks (Massachusetts);

Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (Massachusetts)

Launch Date: October 2016

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3; ASP/SQL; jQuery


My contribution to the project included front-end and back-end development from a ground up of a highly customized web portal for consumers allowing them to learn and get educated on various aspects of “money matters” in the state of Massachusetts. The list of opportunities to be aware of include banking, home ownership, student loans, motor vehicles financing and much more.

The presentation embedded to this article is a demo version of portal. Full version is available online at mass.gov/consumermoneymatters/.