December 7th, 2016

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Where In the World Is Bulgarian Olympic Weightlifting


Bulgarian Olympic weightlifting went through a long history of climbing to the top of international sports from the 1970s and 1980s and then through a rapid and painful downfall due to a series of doping scandals in the late 1980s and 1990s.

They learned all the weightlifting skills developed by the Soviet sports powerhouse and soon bypassed their Big Brother on numerous occasions at the World championship and Summer Olympics. Bulgaria fine tuned and streamlined the training process into a new methodology that provided ultimate success on the competition platform.

They created a new weightlifting trademark “Made in Bulgaria”.

The searchable table below showcases Bulgarian trainers and countries they were training and sharing their experience with.

Today, Bulgarian weightlifters are officially declared as outlaws by international federation and the countries they trained are rising as new weightlifting powers.

Isn’t it an ironic twist in the history? Go figure!


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What Happens In Russia Stays In Russia: Good Bye, Lenin. Hello, Ivan the Terrible.


What happens in Russia stays in Russia

The first ever monument to Ivan the Terrible was inaugurated in October 2016 in the Russian city of Oryol.

Tsar Ivan IV ruled the country from 1547 to 1584 and was nicknamed “Terrible” because of his brutal oprichnina, which included the creation of a secret police, spread mass terror and executed thousands of people.

The bronze monument of a 16th-century tyrant in royal robes sitting on a horse and holding up an Orthodox cross, was erected in the city of Oryol with a presence of an official entourage of the local governor and various authorities and celebrities.


Oh well… with the same enthusiasm, Russian authorities were erecting monuments to Vladimir Lenin almost 100 years ago and then dismantled those 25 years ago.

The object of inauguration matters less than the excitement around it.

What happens in Russia stays in Russia

Not always though.