January 7th, 2017

close up

Podolsk, August 1963


While preparing for the 1964 Summer Olympic in Tokyo, Team CCCP weightlifting gathered in August 1963 in Poldolsk training camp.

Most athletes on the photo just finished competing at the 3rd Soviet Spartakiade and the 1963 USSR National Championship that were held in Moscow in the end of July.

Top row (L-R):

Yevgeny Minaev (60kg, Army, Moscow), Mikhail Aptekar (ref.), Viktor Bushuev (67.5kg, Trud, Gorky), Al0izas Rachkauskas (75kg, Zalgiris, Vilnus) Rudolf Plukfelder (82.5kg, Trud, Shakhty), Leonid Zhabotinsky (102.5+kg, Army, Zaporozhye), Viktor Kaplunov (67.5kg, Army, Khabarovsk), Eduard Brovko (90kg, Spartak, Dnepropetrovsk), Viktor Marzagulov (56kg, Trud, Kuybyshev), M. Kazakov (doctor), Vladimir Belyaev (75kg, Army, Kiev)

Front row (L-R):

Alexey Vakhonin (56kg, Trud, Shakhty), Yevgeny Katsura (60kg, Army, Kazan), Arkady Vorobyev (head coach), Yakov Kutsenko (coach), M. Muromtsev (coach), Viktor Lyakh (90kg, Trud, Rostov), P. Sibiryakov, Alexander Kurynov (75kg, Burevestnik, Kazan)

Two other candidates to the Olympic team, Sergey Lopatin (67.5ks, Army, Moscow) and Yury Vlasov (102.5+kg, Army, Zaporozhye) didn’t participate in the photo session. Digital enhancement  of the original photo in Podolsk was done by Arthur Chidlovski for the Lift Up.

In a year, Alexey Vakhonin, Rudolf Plukfelder and Leonid Zhabotinsky will become Olympic champions in Tokyo.

But at the moment, all are resting after the national championship and hoping to make the final cut to go to the 1964 Summer Olympics.


1963 Championship
Official Part of the III SPARTAKIADE of the USSR
7/27/1963 – 7/31/1963
Host: Moscow, Russia Arena: Shakhter Sports Hall
Number of Athletes: 316
Main Referee: V. Simakov Secretary: I. Kasyanov


WeightClassNameTotal (kg)52FlyweightVladimir SMETANIN, Army  Sverdlovsk29556BantamweightAlexey VAKHONIN, Trud  Shakhty332.560FeatherweightYevgeny MINAEV, Army  Moscow36567.5LightweightVladimir KAPLUNOV, Army  Khabarovsk407.575MiddleweightAloizas RACHKAUSKAS, Zhalgiris  Vilnus427.582.5Light HeavyweightRudolf PLYUKFELDER, Trud  Shakhty46590Middle HeavyweightEduard BROVKO, Spartak  Dnepropetrovsk465102.5HeavyweightRobert SHEIERMAN, Army  Sverdlovsk475102.5+Super HeavyweightYury VLASOV, Army  Moscow542.5

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.

close up

Lady Cardinal in the Snow


It’s snowing today in Boston.

People were making last minute preparation for the snow. Panic and anxiety are as contagious as a flu. We went shopping too.

The buses next to the super market turned into “singing trees”. All birds were hiding in the bushes from the wind and snow and singing their panic songs.

In the late afternoon, we had a nice surprise when we saw Mr. and Mrs. Northern Cardinal visiting our backyard. It was super cool to see them back because it seemed that all birds abandoned us lately.

“Dream on,” chirped Lady Cardinal. “We are back!”

close up

In the Snow Again


As a follow up to our story about the visit of Northern Cardinals couple, here i a sight of Mr. Cardinal enjoying his dinner in the snow.

It was turning dark in the backyard and enough light for sharp photos.

“Who cares about the pics?” said Mr. Cardinal. “Just keep the delicious food coming!”

Yes, sir Cardinal!