January 8th, 2017

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Split Style Classics in 1954


Very few athletes nowadays perform the snatch lifts using split style.

Here is a digitally enhanced photo of Norbert Schemansky (USA) doing split style snatch.

The original photo session took place in Detroit, MI in October 1954.There were plenty of split style weightlifters at the time and Schemansky was one of them.

The photo enhancement was done by me for the Lift Up project.

Review of oldtime techniques is available here. It discusses this almost forgotten lift type and showcases the split style executed by two legends of Olympic weightlifting in the 1960s – split clean by Waldemar Baszanowski (Poland) at the 1966 World Championship in East Berlin and split snatch by Norbert Schemansky (USA) at the 1962 World Championship in Budapest.

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7,232 Miles Away From Mexico City


Team CCCP Weightlifting is having a good time at the Volga River.

It’s 1968 and they are 7,232 miles away from Mexico City where is a few weeks they will compete at the 1968 Summer Olympics. It’s 11,638 kilometers away from this place that was famous for Volga boatmen and their songs.

Team CCCP (L-R):

Gennady Chetin (56kg, Perm), Boris Selitsky (82.5kg, Leningrad), Yevgeny Smirnov (75kg, Leningrad), K. Gromadin (massage therapist), Jan Talts (90kg, Tallinn), Vladimir Belyaev (82.5kg, Kiev), Dito Shanidze (60kg, Tbilisi), Leonid Zhabotinsky (90+kg, Zaporozhye), and Arkady Vorobyev (head coach).

Summer Olympics From 1896 To Today

Summer Olympics1968 Summer Olympics
Location: Mexico-City, MEX</p>


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
56 Bantamweight Mohammad NASSIRI, Iran 112.5+105+150WR = 367.5EWR
60 Featherweight Yoshinobu MIYAKE, Japan 122.5EOR+117.5+152.5EWR = 392.5
67.5 Lightweight Waldemar BASZANOWSKI, Poland 135+135EOR+165EOR = 437.5WR
75 Middleweight Viktor KURENTSOV, Soviet Union 152.5OR+135+187.5WR = 475OR
82.5 Light Heavyweight Boris SELITSKY, Soviet Union 150+147.5OR+187.5OR = 485EWR
90 Middle Heavyweight Kaarlo KANGASNIEMI, Finland 172.5OR+157.5WR+187.5 = 517.5OR
90+ Super Heavyweight Leonid ZHABOTINSKY, Soviet Union 200OR+170OR+202.5 = 572.5EOR

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.