March 2nd, 2017

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Happy In the Puddle


The places that makes us happy are amazing.

Some are only happy to live in the palaces. Some prefer to live in the paper boxes.

Mountains and valleys, cities and villages, east and west, north and south, apartments and houses…

So, many choices of happy places.

As for Common Grackles, they love to stay in the puddles where they can drink and take a bath.

Look at this guy – the happiest grackle on the block!

close up

Are You Ready For A Beach Weightlifting?


As a continuation of our Lift Up: History In Color series, here is a re-mastered photo from the 1970s featuring legendary Vasily Alexeev lifting weights in the… Don river.

The b/w original was published in a few big papers in Russia and caused contradictory feedback. Is it a useful exercise? Is it for real or just a publicity stint?

Vasily Alexeev liked to experiment in his training. And, most definitely, he was very creative in terms of his personal publicity.

Are you ready for a beach weightlifting? Then, prepare your Eleiko or good old Lenigradskaya Shtanga sets for a water training Alexeev style.

Just don’t forget to make selfies for your Twitter account.