March 6th, 2017

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Kaarlo Kangasniemi in Mexico City


The Lift Up:History in Color series:

Legendary Finnish Olympic weightlifter Kaarlo Kangasniemi lifting in the snatch part of the 1968 Summer Olympics in the 90kg weight class in Mexico City.

27-year old Kangasniemi won the gold medal that night with the 517.5 kg total (172.5+157.5+187.5)

My best results in the 90 kg weight class were press – 180 kg, snatch – 162.5 kg, clean-and-jerk – 196 kg. In the 82.5 kg class, my personal best were press – 165 kg, snatch – 157.5 kg and clean-and-jerk 190 kg. In terms of squats, I did 250×5 back squats and 230×5 front squat in the 82.5 kg class.

Kaarlo Kangasniemi in the interview ti Lift Up

Kaarlo Kangasniemi at Ligt Up

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The Sign of Springtime


This is a Red-Winged Blackbird fella.

We saw him in the Belle Isle Marshes this weekend. It was day we got an overnight snow.

Some thought the springtime was a false alarm.

“No false alarm here!” said the Red-Winged Blackbird fella. “It’s a springtime!”

He came back to Massachusetts.

He knows.