March 8th, 2017

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The Lift Up:History in Color series:

Sergey Poltoratsky focuses on upcoming lift at the 1970 CCCP Championship in Vilnus, Lithuania.

At the time, Poltoratsky was only 23. In Vilnus, he won the silver medal in the 90 kg class with the 507.5kg total  (177.5+145+185). It was his first medal on the national level.

Team CCCP had a mighty group of athletes in this class. It was a challenge to get a spot on the team to represent the country on the international arena. Poltoratsky managed to win the World and European title in 1977 and set two world records – in the press and in the cj lifts.

Sergey Poltoratsky at Lift Up


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Happy March 8th!


Do you celebrate the March 8th day?

It is considered an international women’s day in many countries.

Not in U.S., though. Here it is just a day in the calendar.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik’s revolution in Russia.

I guess Lenin and his associates also celebrated the March 8th with their wives, girlfriends and female party comrades.

Maybe not.

Certainly, there were no iPhones and selfies in those times. Anyway…

If you are a woman and do celebrate the March 8th, Happy March 8th to you!


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Jingkai Chen (China)


Jingkai Chen was an amazing athlete with an extremely powerful clean and jerk for the time. In 1956, he authored the first world record ever to be set by a Chinese athlete – clean and jerk of 133 kg.

The photo from the Lift Up: History in Color series features Chen competing in the the 3rd International Cup of Moscow  in 1957.

In Moscow, he set another phenomenal clean and jerk world record of 139.5 kg  and became the lightest man ever to jerk over 300 lbs of the time.