March 27th, 2017

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Magnificent Seven From Hungary


The Lift Up: History in Color showcases the photo of Team Hungary Weightlifting of the 1960s. That was one of the best teams in the history of the 20th century and, no doubts, the strongest Team Hungary ever.

They were called “Magnificent Seven” (bottom to top):

  • Robert Nagy [56kg, Europe (4)],

  • Imre Foldi [56kg, Olympics (3); World (9); Europe (11)],

  • Mihaly Huszka [67.5-75kg, World (2), Europe (2)],

  • Gyozo Veres [75-82.5kg, Olympics (2), World (5), Europe (6)] ,

  • Geza Toth [82.75-90kg, Olympics (1), World (8), Europe (6)] ,

  • Arpad Nemessanyi [90kg; Europe (1)] ,

  • Ecser Karoly [90+kg, World (1); Europe (4)]

Note: The info listed after the name of athletes include the weightclass they competed in and the medals won at the Olympics, World and European championships.