July 1st, 2017

close up

Robert Kabbas (Australia)


History in Color: One of the finest Olympic weightlifters of Australia, vice champion of Summer Olympics and the World, Robert Kabbas competes in the 82.5 kg class in Canberra, Australia.

Robert Kabbas competed in three Olympic Games – in Montreal (1976), Moscow (1980) and Los Angeles (1984). He won medals at three Commonwealth Games –  in 1978 (Edmonton , Gold Medal), 1982 (Brisbane , Gold Medal) and 1986 (Edinburgh , Silver Medal). He served as the President of Australian Weightlifting Federation and remains active in coaching and running local weightlifting club in his hometown,

Robert is a big friend of the Lift Up project. He is an unmatched source of historic artifacts and fascinating stories from the glorious past and present of this sport.

Speaking of the tournament in the Australian capital depicted on the cover photo, Robert Kabbas noted “This competition was a good one for me…” He set a new Commonwealth record in the clean-and-jerk lift (187.5kg).

Thank you, Robert, for the finest lifting through your career and for all your  support of the Lift Up!