August 7th, 2017

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It's All About Dr. Blarney


Suffolk Downs – August 6, 2017 – Race 10

Before the race, the announcer mentioned the name of Dr. Blarney about 37 times while introducing the line-up of Race 10.

Dr. Blarney is not a physician or veterinarian. Dr. Blarney is a champion horse that doesn’t loose.

According to the intro, other contestants literally had no chance to win over Dr. Blarney in this race. The race started and guess what – it was easily won by… Dr. Blarney!

Way to go!

On the photo legendary Dr. Blarney led by legendary jockey Tammi Piermarini (#7) are at the beginning of Race 10 this Sunday.


From the Suffolk Downs series at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.

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20 Feet to the Finishing Line


This is line-up of the horses with about 20-25 feet left to finish Race 9 on August 6 at the Suffolk Downs.

Can you guess what the winner was? Pretty close, huh?

It took a while for the officials to name the one that that crossed the finishing line first. They had to use a photo-finish to determine the winner.

Actually, it was #2! Mr. Grey (jockey Tammi Piermarini) came first chasing the pack from behind all the time from the start.

Super effort and a beautiful win for sure!

From the Suffolk Downs series at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.

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Little Braveheart


The cover photo was taken at the Suffolk Downs yesterday.

One of the races just finished and there was this little guy looking around on the racing track.

The were these gigantic horses, mega huge jockeys and racing staff members running around him. They were giants compared to his little body.

Perhaps, he is an unsung hero of the place.

This is the little Braveheart of the Suffolk Downs! Does he look like Mel Gibson of his kind?

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Happy Jockey


Legendary jockey Tammi Piermarini looked happy at the Suffolk Downs last Sunday.

She just won the race chasing the main pack from the start and then coming first at the finishing line.

Tammi Piermarini  is one of the all-time best female jockeys of the nation. Her winning record is # 3 on the list of all-time riders.

Here are some photos of the Tammi last year.